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Online Files

Unlimited users

Document Management System (DMS)

includes workflows and progress monitoring

Multi factor security

Secured with the use of seperate authenticatorservers and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).

Flexible storage

All document- and filetypes are supported. The number of GB is easily expandable.

Intergrated workflows

Easily creat workflows and assign tasks. The progress is being monitored by multi level notifications and automated reminders.

All languages

The standard language is English or Dutch. More languages can be added.

Direct Scanning

Uploading from samrtphone is fast, save and encrypted. Multi Uploading documents is always available.

GDPR compliant

We follow the strict Europian laws considering the GDRP. The servers, that are used, are located within the EU.

You control the layout of the files
Define workflows and tasks
Monitor the progress thourgh the dashboard

Mote than complete!

Working with DigiRecord is always secure, fast and reliable. The core feautures of DigiRecord are:

An extern authenticationserver will progress automatically your login. After being identified as a save user, you are granted acces to DigiRecord.

This is a part of our Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Progressing documents is really fast because of the optimal structured file, find and filterfunctions.

The database and application are sotred within Europian Microsoft Azure servers. This offers us complete flexibility, speed and security.

DigiRecord is completely responsive for every device. You can work everywhere with everything.

DigiRecord is always working from a secure base. The lock in the address bar is one of the securities  that will protect your files and documents.

You can link directly to the login authentication servers so your users will be directed to you DigiRecord envirement.

We use Open API connections to securely connect with other applications. For instance a CRM system or salary administration.

The encryption of all your data makes sure that your files can not be intersected. Its useless for hackers and is assures that all documents are entering in the correct files.

Pictures or scans from mobile devices wil be send encrypted to the correct file within DigiRecord. There will be no copies left behind on any device.

Always work with the latest versions of the documents. DigiRecord will take care of your version management.

With the option to hide documents, the files will stay complete. The hidden files can always be recalled.

Secure complete folders from your device to DigiRecord. It’s very easy to do through the multi-upload function.

Just drag the documents to the importfunction and done. It’s imported in the correct file.

We support all document types. If it’s PDF, JPEGS GIF, DOCX or PSD, we support it all.

DigiRecord is an ideal DMS system. You can acces your files 24/7, around the world and the files can only be accessed by authorised users. When employees leave the company, you can easily cancel the acces.

There is an optional feature to connect DigiRecord straight with Microsoft Office products, to save directly into the files on DigiRecord.

Grant acces to users and cancel it again. Create your own secure communication flow for each document.

It’s a flexible folder structure. You can create youw own templates that can be used thougout the whole company. To get started quickly you can import¬† templates of DigiRecord.

Digitalize your own processes into workflows. It’s unlimited! To help you get started you can import a template we made for you.

Tasks are workitems in a workflow. These have to be completed within their given time otherwise your process will be delayed. We remind users automatically that there is a task for them and monitor and remind them continiously througt the workflow.

Deadlines will become useless timestamps if there isn’t enough monitoring. It’s all being done for you within DigiRecord. Let DigiRecord do the monitoring and send the reminders to all of your users.

Every user that has acces to a file will have the latest updates information available.

Grant acces to users
With just one click you can cancell the acces

Online demo?

API connect with thirt parties (optional)
Upload from smartphone, laptop of tablet

Read more about what others think

The latest versions always available
Send Instand notifications when adding new content

Share documents the safe way!

Create worflows

Basic features of DigiRecord: Unlimited use of workflows, tasks, controlling, signaling and reminders.


Digitalize your own processes into workflows. You can always use templates from our workflow library. A workflow consist of unlimited different tasks.


Within your workflows you determine who gets wich task and in what order. As soon as a tasks is completed the next user in line gets an automatic generated notification.


When a tasks is nearing the deadline the user will get a automatical generated reminder. They also get a reminder on the date of the actual deadline AND (repeatingly) when the deadline has expired. This is all set when creating the workflow (template).

Need more information?

We ask you to enter your Email address of phone number. We will contact you within 24 hours.

      All documents and files that we exchange with customers are placed directly in the various files of a relationship in DigiRecord. This can be done directly from the MS-Office applications. For example, we have ensured that employees do not maintain their own files of a relationship in their own Outlook-files or WeTransfer.
      Everything is stored centrally and as management we determine who has access to the files. Our customers also have access to their own data. By linking workflows to documents, we monitor the timely processing of the tasks to be performed. Such as the approval of the sales and tax return.
      Peter Sanders
      Manager trust office
      As a freelance director / journalist you never know exactly what your next job will be. That tension keeps me create and I have learned to live with the uncertainty in my life. That's why it's nice that there is certainty in my financial administration through DigiRecord. I easily enter my income and expenses online and only have to pay at the end of the quarter. Very nice to be able to access my file 24/7 with ID and insurance papers. That gives me a certainty.
      Tenny Tenzer
      Self employed
      I always have access to my data. My payslips, insurance policies, mortgage details, WOZ value, IDs, income tax returns and employment and pension agreements are all in DigiRecord. I never lose anything anymore and I can always get to my documents, wherever I am. I mainly work at external locations. DigiRecord works great on my tablet. For example, when I have to approve my declaration, I see the task in the dashboard and I can sign the document immediately. I think it's a very nice solution.
      Elze Schaap
      Owner of Tante Toos Suikerloos
      DigiRecord is a more than excellent and a very safe way to make salary specifications available to employees. The moment the salary specifications are placed in DigiRecord, employees are automatically notified that the new salary specification is available to them. DigiRecord is extremely suitable to also send periodic changes back and forth in a safe manner. Files filled with paper employment contracts, ID certificates, wage tax statements, recordsof performance appraisals and all other required documents are unnecessary. This saves me a lot of space and costs for the office. It is also much more efficient and safer. When these documents are stored online in DigiRecord, they can be accessed 24/7 directly from any location, of course exclusively by the persons authorized to do so. Advantage, as a result, an employee has full insight into his own personnel file. Completely in accordance with the GDPR legislation.
      Ernst Buijse
      Senior salaryconsulent at Pro Management Onderwijssupport B.V.